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Our Team


Aaron Brown

Hello! I am Aaron. I am 13 years old. I love rabbits. Having rabbits is so much fun, but it also teaches me a lot about life. I’m so thankful for the opportunity God has given me to live on a farm and raise rabbits. Our commitment to you is: 1. To always be honest and fair 2. To treat each customer the way we would want to be treated 3. To raise cute, quality rabbits in a responsible, humane environment.

Media & Marketing Director

David Wyatt

Hey there! My name is David. I live in Tanzania, East Africa where my parents serve as missionaries. I was very excited when my cousin, Aaron, asked me to be the Media & Marketing Director for his new business. This will be a life learning experience for me and is something that I can do while living abroad!

Aaron's Mom

Charity Brown

Every time I make a run to Orscheln’s for food for our animals, I remind myself, ‘We aren’t just buying food. We are buying character for our kids.’ I wouldn’t trade it for all the world. Raising animals is good training for kids on so many levels. Although this is Aaron's business, rest assured that as his parent, I am closely involved in all aspects of the rabbit raising to ensure that it is done properly. I’m so thankful my kids can have a ‘hare-raising experience’ in life. I hope yours can, too! Thank you for supporting our kids in this endeavor!

David's Mom

Rachel Wyatt

As an American mom living on the mission field in East Africa, I am often burdened about the lack of opportunities that my kids have in being able to have "jobs." I firmly believe in teaching kids a work ethic from a young age. I was thrilled when David's cousin, Aaron asked him to be the Marketing Director of his rabbit business. This will be a tremendous opportunity for David to learn the life skill of web development, graphic design, and marketing. Thank you for supporting their business!



Aaron’s love for bunnies began in 2019 when a family friend gave he and his sisters some rabbits. He immediately began noting their different personalities, priding himself on meeting their every need, as well as reading up on rabbit breeds and characteristics. 

He is quite the ‘Rabbit Master’ - meticulously recording everything in his calendar, from birth date to mating periods. At any given time, he typically has 50+ rabbits on the farm. They vary in sizes, colors, ages, but he is a Dutch loyalist, because of their size and good temperament.

Our Rabbit Breed

We breed Dutch, Mini Rex, and New Zealand. Aaron’s preferred breed continues to be Dutch because of their gentle, lovable nature.

*A&D sometimes offers a variety of breeds such as Harlequin, Lop, and Lionhead.

Dutch Rabbits

  • Great family pets
  • Reliable around children 
  • Love human interaction 
  • Medium liters (average of 6 kits per liter) 
  • Can tolerate extremely high temps better than NZ 

New Zealand Rabbits

  • Good meat rabbits
  • NZ does are reliable mothers 
  • Large, erect ears 
  • Large liters (8-10 kits)
  • Hearty in extreme temps 

Mini Rex Rabbits

  • Compact Size
  • Super-soft Coat
  • Low maintenance fur
  • Sweet personality

Our Vision

I eventually want to have hundreds of rabbits on my farm and become a supplier for farm supply stores here in the Midwest.

- Aaron Brown


We are excited to be partnering with Orschelns Farm and Home Supply stores and Petland in Iowa City to provide cute, quality rabbits all spring!